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Customers are paramount.We take our customers as our orientation and place our service emphasis on customers degree of satisfaction and acceptance.Does suits the Chinese market the Australian original installation grape wine, brings a better product and the service for the grape wine amateur.



With the growing number of investors into the industry imported wines, as a new world star, many international investor think Australian wine is potential. If you want to import Australian wine, the Moonshine International is your best option, because we have the perfect service. We can support the following services:

1 Direct export, sale with ex-factory

  Purchase directly from wineries, including all import procedures
2 Dedicated wine labels
  Authorize the use of special wine label wine
3 We can be on behalf of the label, optional label, or special design
  A large number of ready-made labels for the select or design labels according to customer requirements
4 Adjustable taste
  May request deployment of flavors, including sweet, fruit, etc.
5 Long-term supply
  Power on behalf of a number of wineries to ensure a stable supply
6 100% import duty-paid agent
7 Provide bonded warehouse
8 More choices about wine price: Low, Middle, High

  Minimum price :FOB 2.7 AUD / bottle

9 The company has offices in Sydney and Shanghai, please contact us.




1 直接出口,厂价销售


2 提供专用酒标


3 可代贴标签,自选标签,或特殊设计


4 可配口味




6 代办进口100%完税

7 提供保税仓管

8 高中低价格任选

  最低价FOB 2.7澳币/瓶起

9 本公司在悉尼和上海均有办事处,如有疑问请与我们联系。

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