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  A variety grown in southern rance where it is responsible, in part, for the wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Tavel and many others. It is the mainstay of Rioja, makes port-style and light rose types of wine in California and is also grown in South Africa. Its wines are rich, warm and alcoholic, sometimes too much so, and require blending with other varieties. The true Grenache has nothing to do with the Grenache de logrona of Spain that is, the Tempranillo or Tinto de rioja. Some sources give the ALicante (a synonym of the Grenache) as being the Alicante bouschet (or plain Bouschet in California), but this too is misleading. The Alicante viz Grenache has colourless juice, whereas the Alicante bouschet has bright red juice derived from the teinturier half of its parentage. The Petit bouschet (in its true form, and not as the synonym of the Cabernet sauvignon) is itself a cross of Teinturier du cher x Aramon.

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